At Healthy Vending, you’ll soon discover our philosophy in helping you succeed in the vending industry is different. Our focus is YOU. Our focus is YOUR business. Our focus is YOUR success. Our focus is YOUR name getting recognized as a viable healthy vending provider in your respective market. It’s not about us, it’s about YOU.

Our Only Agenda Is Helping Your Healthy Vending Business Succeed and promoting healthy snack alternatives.

No Unnecessary Franchise Fees & Restrictions

You may be new to vending, but we are not. With 20 years in business and over 1000 vending operators nationwide, we know what it takes to help you be successful in the vending industry. We’re here for you every step of the way with complete training, ongoing support and the strongest warranties in the industry.

We don’t force you to give up control of your business or burden you with franchise restrictions and royalty fees etc. The only fee you pay is a nominal administration fee per machine for which we provide prime location services, ongoing telephonic technical support, remote monitoring services, realtime access, access to monthly sale reports, cloud-based server space, product database and suppliers and of course the hardware cashless payment system.

Look at the differences between a traditional franchise and a healthy vending business opportunity:

Traditional Franchise Vending Machine Operator
High cost of entry (typically R 500k+) Small investment (can start under R 125k)
Single location (no diversification) Multiple locations/can relocate (mitigate risk)
Restricted territory No territory restrictions
No autonomy (corporate procedures, rules) Total independence (operational freedom)
Significant overhead (rent, wages, etc.) Very modest overhead
Employee headaches No employees necessary
Substantial operating capital Very little operating capital needed
“Married” to the business (“buying a job”) Life style business – full or part time
Franchise fees & royalty payouts Nominal monthly fee optional   Your business your money
Passive 24 / 7 income