Healthy Vending Product ChoicesHealthy Vending  Product Choices

With over 300  healthy vending products to choose from, you will able to provide the exact product mix that your customers are looking for – based on what healthy vending products sell best at each individual location. New healthy products for healthy vending machines are introduced regularly by local manufactures and distributors. You will have access to these healthier drink and snack

Healthy Vending operators are able to order directly from distributors and manufactures  for their machines. These are the same sources where your local health food store gets its products. Vending  Solutions do mark up the products and try to resell them to you. You buy direct. This is just another way Vending Solutions  helps you achieve a healthy bottom line.

Get amazing locally produced healthy vending products from our selected suppliers

Mini Corn Cakes
Organic Energy
Superfood Protein Shake